About Us

This is where tradition meets elegance. Sarees that celebrate Indian textiles. We are your one-stop shop for timeless beauty.

Our Mission

Our aim at Villagius is to be at the forefront of fashion and service by exceeding customer expectations. We commit to preserving a sense of individuality and relevance in people's lives by offering trendy, fashionable sarees all over the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to find, create, and deliver new ideas that give people a sense of value. We want to motivate customers and inspire confidence via our best products and services by supplying trendy, fashionable sarees globally.

Our Values


We follow the highest ethical standards and gain trust by being honest and transparent. Every action we take is based on our dedication and honesty.


We seek excellence in all aspects of our business, guided by our goals and values. We strive to give our clients products of the exceptional experiences.


Our success depends on focusing on the achievements of the team. Our seamless teamwork helps to achieve common goals while meeting personal duties.

Customer Value

The focus of all we do is on serving our customers. We work hard to go above and beyond their expectations to earn their happiness and develop lasting relationships.


We remain flexible and able to change by keeping a close eye on market changes. We predict changes, allowing us to evolve and supply innovative products and solutions continuously.

Who We Are

Villagius is more than just an online retailer of sarees. We are a passionate team dedicated to maintaining the rich textile tradition of India while adopting new fashion trends. Our journey began with the shared passion of Mr. Ghanshyam Maniya and Mr. Jignesh Ranpariya to introduce the beauty and elegance of sarees to the world.

Our founders set out on a path that blends intricate craftsmanship and the eternal charm of sarees. We put a high value on integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our efforts to maintain the highest ethical standards.

We firmly believe in the value of teamwork, where everyone contributes positively to produce excellent results. Customer satisfaction is vital to our existence. We are committed to delivering excellent products and services to our customers. Discover the world of Villagius, where tradition meets elegance, and enjoy the beauty and grace of sarees like never before.

How We Work


Our design team carefully conceives new designs, blending traditional elements with modern aesthetics. We ensure that every saree shows our dedication to workmanship and style.


    We bring our concepts to life by carefully prototyping them, paying close attention to details, and fine-tuning each piece to perfection before proceeding.


    Our skilled craftsmen turn designs into real samples, which we inspect for fabric, stitching, and embellishments to ensure they meet our high standards.


      Sarees are carefully made by our team of experts in partnership with skilled craftsmen using the finest materials and traditional ways.

      Quality Check

      Before it reaches our consumers, each saree passes through a rigorous quality control process. It ensures excellent craftsmanship, perfect finishing, and attention to every detail.


        We take great care in packaging and shipping, ensuring that each saree is well-wrapped and protected before arriving at your doorstep.


        Ensure quick and secure delivery. To give you a seamless experience from our doorstep to yours, we partner with renowned logistics services.

          Leadership Team

          (CEO, Co-Founder, Villagius)

          Mr.Ghanshyam Maniya

          Mr. Ghanshyam Maniya, an engineer with a strong interest in fashion, started the Villagius Company in 2015. During the early years, he handled all aspects of the business on his own. Beginning with a range of hand block suit sets to creating collections, social media, and online marketing. His commitment and knowledge had a significant role in creating the Villagius of today.


            Mr. Jignesh Ranpariya

            Jignesh, a computer engineer and graduate of VNSGU, has three years of work experience in the Surat textile industry. He embraced business, guided by an inner voice, and realized his actual passion for products. He perceived the profound connection between nature and the outside world as an observer with a keen eye. The knowledge he gained led him to cofound Villagius, where he curates sarees that exude beauty and workmanship.